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How To Take The Headache Out Of Doing OTC VS Dentist Teeth Whitening

With how affordable and accessible DIY teeth whitening systems are today, it has become a widespread culture. What some DIYers do not know is that home kits, and in-office procedures work differently. It is crucial to learn the perks and drawbacks of each type, then compare them for an absolute solution.


DIY Teething Whitening Kits To Get Back Glistens In A Smile

One apparent reason that makes self-care teeth whitening solutions so prevalent is the variety. The market typically offers custom-made teeth-whitening gels, mouth rinses, trays, tandblekning and gel strips for home use. It helps to consider the downsides and upsides of using each technique. Some OTC (over-the-counter) teeth whiteners may cause gum irritation or abrasion after use.

Convenient, Cost-effective OTC Whitening

Another advantage of using the self-care method is the cost. OTC teeth whitening systems are easily accessible and inexpensive when weighed against an in-office procedure. If someone has sensitive teeth or an oral health condition, seeing a licensed dental health professional is the soundest recourse.

Dentist Supervised Professional Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening procedures cost more money, but it provides long-term satisfaction. The teeth whitening solutions dentist administer are more potent and safer. With the teeth whiteners having a higher concentration, it is less likely to irritate the gums and weaken or deface the enamel. What’s more, it whitens teeth faster; and reduces the risks of ingredients causing an adverse reaction.

Dentists understand the implications of overusing teeth whitening systems, which are equally beneficial and dangerous in some ways. It is unlikely that a DIYer using OTC teeth whitening will have the same breadth of expert knowledge and hands-on experience. Therefore, a combination approach is the safest solution to get quality teeth-whitening results.

The dentist will do a comprehensive examination to ascertain optimal oral health before recommending teeth whitening. OTC teeth whiteners work best when a patient has healthy teeth and gums. It will make teeth sensitivity worse if a patient has an untreated dental condition.

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